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Hi! The name is Mark Bratton. I was born and raised in beautiful Southern Califoria, in the San Gorgonio Pass area. This blog is dedicated to website and graphic design tips for the trade. I, from time to time, will incorporate my thoughts and personal experience so you can get to know me better. https://www/news.graphickandy.com

I am first and formost a website designer of the traditional sense in that I utilize coding and the only WYSIWYG I use outside of hard coding is WordPress for my personal webwork. I am a DreamWeaver professional. Now that is not to say that I wouldn’t be open to helping you setup a WYSIWYG of your choosing when designing your site. I have done so multiple times in the past used apps like WIX, MobiRise and Shopify, just to name a few. My business has helped clients all over this globe. I also manage websites as well.

Let’s create something great together.


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